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Avoid the G-O-P-OCALYPSE


The Republicans are hard charging toward the Presidential election with a brutally partisan program that could repeal America’s future. It’s true that Obama has not fulfilled all our expectations, but he has done an amazing amount considering the Republican obstructionism he has faced every step of the way. The country was in terrible shape when he took office, and it is understandable that we hoped for (and expected) near-miraculous changes. Sadly, he is not the Messiah. But check out a few of his earthly accomplishments. Then go to and get involved.

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Were we expecting too much?

Obama Expecations

In 2008, Barack Obama swept into office with the promise of change and subsequently ran head on into a concerted effort by the Republicans to block any and all efforts to improve the economy and the lives of millions of Americans. Despite this biased attack and the constant banter of right-wing media pundits who like to claim every policy as a failure — it’s extraordinary to see what has been accomplished…

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