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Meet the Real Job Creators

The GOP is always talking about the 1% being the job creators. But these corporate heads can’t create jobs unless there are consumers who can afford to buy their products. That would be the rest of us, the 99%. So rather than trying to destroy the OWS and other groups who are asking for a fair share of the American pie, it might be wise for the corporations to support us. After all — another inconvenient truth — we are the ones who make them possible.

If corporations are people, let’s demand that they act like it.

Business Insider exposes the job-creator myth — check it out.

Love the fetus. Hate the child.


Republicans want to get the government out of everything – except women’s wombs. Almost as if possessed, they are raging against Roe vs. Wade, doing everything possible to make abortion difficult if not impossible for every woman, even in cases of incest and rape, and sometimes even if the woman’s life is at stake. What makes this fevered attack on a legally given right even more odious is that once the child is born, their concern for “precious life” stops – you’re on your own, kid.

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Blessed are the rich

Millionaire with Halo

Jesus may have loved the poor, but not today’s Ayn Randian Republicans. Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Eugene Robinson shows how the GOP is rigging the system to enrich the rich at the expense of the disenfranchised — and getting away with it.

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My Country ‘Tis of Me


The GOP leadership has made it clear that their goal is to regain power, regardless what it costs the American people. During the next year leading up to the Presidential election, we can expect them to do nothing but block all attempts at progress. They prove it every day through their obsession with partisan gain. After eight years of Bush and Cheney, and the misery their stewardship has brought to the country and to the middle-class, today’s Republican wannabes are promising to bring more of the same – and worse with their slashing of vital, long-cherished social programs. The frightening thing is that they could succeed.

As Edmund Burke said:
“The only thing necessary for the triumph (of evil) is for good men to do nothing.”

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Robert Reich on: The 7 Biggest Economic Lies

7 Lies

We’ve heard all of these things from the Right and despite their inherent lack of statistics to back these things up, the myths persist. Although short and sweet, Robert Reich sums it all up perfectly. Spread this around with everyone you know and help spread the truth.

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