Love the fetus. Hate the child.

Republicans want to get the government out of everything – except women’s wombs. Almost as if possessed, they are raging against Roe vs. Wade, doing everything possible to make abortion difficult if not impossible for every woman, even in cases of incest and rape, and sometimes even if the woman’s life is at stake. What makes this fevered attack on a legally given right even more odious is that once the child is born, their concern for “precious life” stops – you’re on your own, kid.

The budget bill introduced by Representative Paul Ryan in April would have brutally slashed a number of vital social programs, including those serving some of the most vulnerable Americans – women, infants and children. The proposed legislation passed the House, but, fortunately, was defeated in the Senate. Next time, a similarly devastating bill will not be defeated if Democrats lose their Senate majority.

An article written by Laura Clawson for Daily Kos will give you an idea of how wanton budget cuts already in place – championed by Republicans with the acquiescence of a few passive Democrats – are affecting children throughout the country. Read it and weep. Perhaps literally.

Laura Clawson for DAILY KOS

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