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By Charles Freedman

ISBN-10: 0470097787

ISBN-13: 9780470097786

A great step-by-step advisor. i used to be extra excited whilst I ordered it than whilst it arrived, so I did peruse it and check out a couple of issues, yet by no means made it even though the full booklet sooner than occurring to different tasks. ... My challenge, no longer the books.

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Yahoo! Maps Mashups

A fantastic step-by-step consultant. i used to be extra excited while I ordered it than while it arrived, so I did peruse it and check out a couple of issues, yet by no means made it notwithstanding the total e-book ahead of occurring to different initiatives. . .. My challenge, now not the books.

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If you are new to JavaScript, a lot of your first passes at applications will be the result of much trial and error. You will need to master the simple art of commenting code as you try different ways to do things and repeat code throughout your first set of classes and the application you develop. Commenting is very important when you work on code that will be shared with other developers. It gives you a way to tell developers what you were doing and why. It is good practice to leave comments before each set of variables as well as above each function.

It runs in the browser and is executed as an interpreted language. This means that it does not need to be compiled into another file or build to run. JavaScript became a very significant language early on, adding new levels of interaction and browser control to the web. Designers used it initially for effects like image animation, browser detection, plug-in detection, status messages in the browser and HTML form validation. As with any language that’s been around for 10 years, JavaScript has been reversioned several times.

Maps Ajax API load in your HTML document. The map should be loaded displaying regular map tiles of Boston at a zoom level of 5 (about city level). Figure 4-2 30 Get Started with the Ajax API How It Works By defining the JavaScript source using the Ajax API library, you have made all the classes available to your web page. You set the src attribute of the JavaScript tag. This effectively imports or “pulls in” the very latest fields available, under the version you specified in the URL. The next step is to create a space on your web page, a container for displaying the Ajax-generated map tiles.

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