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By Charles Berlitz

The Roswell Incident used to be an important flying saucers stumble upon of our century. however the proof in regards to the incident are nonetheless being hidden from the yankee public. This groundbreaking booklet not just explores each element of the mysterious unidentified flying object crash close to Roswell, New Mexico, but additionally probes the weird govt cover-up that begun inside of hours of the invention and has endured correct as much as the current day.

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So convinced are large numbers of people about the hovering presence of UFOs that an airfield in France is permanently reserved for their landing, its blue landing lights an invitation only to landing craft not of this earth. With the breaking of the space barrier it appears that astronauts from earth have begun to meet UFOs in space. If we consider reports that the majority of space ventures have encountered UFOs then the percentage of encounters is vastly greater in space than in the skies of earth.

In this connection we note that Major Marcel as well as others were insistent about the great strength of the bits of metallic material they found, how it could not be torn or even dented by sledgehammer blows. It seems fairly evident that the wreckage did not, in spite of official second thoughts, come from a Rawin balloon. Another telling error on the part of Ramey's office can be found in the initial news releases identifying the Roswell wreckage as having come from a balloon. It is important to note here that in 1947 there were two distinct types of Rawin devices in use-the Rawin target (ML-306) and the Rawin sonde (AN/AMT-4).

Listen to this! A flying saucer has crashed... No, I'm not joking. It crashed near Roswell. I've been there and seen it. It's like a big crumpled dishpan. Some rancher has hauled it under a cattle shelter with his tractor. The Army is there and they are going to pick it up. The whole area is now closed off. And get this-they're saying something about little men being on board.... " Understandably bemused, Lydia placed the phone in the uncomfortable position between ear and shoulder and started to type McBoyle's startling statements into the teletype.

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