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That it is an irregular System of Soveraign States. 176 chap. vii. Of the Strength and Diseases of the German Empire. 179 1. The Subjects of Humane Force, Men and Things. Husbandmen most wanted. A vast Army may be easily levied in the Empire. An account of the number of the Cities, Towns, and Villages in Germany. The Inhabitants as warlike as numerous, steddy and constant in their Humour. 179 2. In the point of strength the Country first to be considered. 181 3. That it is well stored with what will carry on a Trade; its principal Commodities; yet Germany wants Money.

The Protestant Princes are well able to justifie what they have done with relation to the Revenues of the Church. The Conclusion. 244 u chapter i u Of the Origine of the German Empire. 1. GERMANY [Germania magna ] of old was bounded |[to the East by the Danube, to the West by the Rhine ]|, a towards Poland 1 it had then the same bounds it has now, and all the other parts were washed by the Ocean; so that then under this Name, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden were included, with all the Countries to the Botner Sea;2 which three Kingdoms [partes ] were by most of the ancient Writers call’d by the name of Scandinavia.

131 13. The Legislative Power not in the Emperor: The Canon Law first introduced: The ancient German Customs: The Civil Law brought into use in the Fifteenth Century: That at present in use is a mixture of all these three: Particular or Local Laws made by the States; and the general Laws in the Diet. 134 14. The Form of the German Jurisdiction in several Ages. 137 15. The old Forms changed. 138 16. The Innovation brought in by Churchmen. 140 22 original contents 17. How the Secular Cases are managed: The Chamber of Spire erected for Appeals.

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