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By Asim Kurjak, Guillermo Azumendi

ISBN-10: 0415375231

ISBN-13: 9780415375238

For the ultrasound practitioner it really is now extra vital than ever to have a rigorous knowing of fetal anatomy and improvement. This source publishes a range of very top quality ultrasound photos of the fetus along embryological arrangements and fetoscopy photos. This distinctive comparative process may be a necessary academic device and paintings of reference for all eager about fetal ultrasound, together with experts in maternal-fetal drugs, ultrasound physicians, ultrasonography technicians, and midwives.

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The deep neural groove and the first somites are present. 26 A rounded bulky head and a thinner body characterize the 3D image of an embryo during the 6th week of gestation. The head is prominent due to the developing forebrain. 27 An embryo at 7 weeks of gestation demonstrating umbilical veins and the development of anterior and posterior limbs ch02 26/1/07 11:02 am Page 25 3D SONOEMBRYOLOGY AND FETAL ANATOMY ical cord and vitelline duct are always clearly seen. At 6 weeks of gestation, the ductus omphalomesentericus can be as much as three to four times the length of the embryo itself.

2–5 image of the placenta and embryo and their vascular network. Additionally, it is possible to quantify and express numerically data related to vascular signals in the investigated volume. Development of the process of placentation begins after the first contact between trophoblast and decidua has been established. There are two waves of trophoblastic invasion. The first occurs at 8 weeks of gestation. It is characterized by invasion of interstitial trophoblast into the myometrium and of cytotrophoblast (endothelial trophoblast) into the complete decidua, but not the myometrium.

47). 44 3D surface rendering of normal fetal appearance: (A) at 8–9 weeks of gestation; (B) at 10 weeks; (C) at 11 weeks; (D) at 12 weeks demonstrating completed morphologic development. The limbs are completely developed and their segments are discernible midsagittal section and measure nuchal translucency using 3D transvaginal sonography. The ability of 3D ultrasound to distinguish between the nuchal region and the amnion will aid greatly in this very important screening examination. 1,3–5 12th week Characteristic embryologic findings Fetal sex is clearly distinguishable by 12 weeks of gestation.

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