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By Mical Schneider

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To flee the Irish potato famine of the 1840s, twelve-year-old Annie and her brother to migrate to big apple urban the place they sign up for their older sister as servants, getting cash to deliver the remainder of their kin to the US, the place they notice that either foodstuff and hardships abound.

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With a flourish, he pulled a soiled card out of his vest pocket and thrust it forward. Despite herself, Annie took it and read: Mrs. Maureen Gateley Rooms for Rent 251 Pearl Street Finnbarr O’Halloran, agent 44 She shook her head, “We’ll not be wanting rooms, thank you. ” Finnbarr O’Halloran stepped forward, beer and pickled onions on his breath. “And it’s Mrs. ” He poked his finger into Annie’s bundle and called over her shoulder, “Thomas! ” Annie followed his pointing hand, and the next instant the crook of her arm was empty, and her finger­ tips tingled.

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And this,” the Captain continued, “is the sailing ship Spirit of Liberty, out of New York. Ship’s rules will be followed without exception. There will be no drink­ ing, no spitting tobacco, no smoking or lighting candles below deck. Cooking is permitted at the two ovens on deck and only between noon and three. A gallon of water and rations of biscuits and oatmeal will be handed out daily. ” The captain finished, waited for any protests, turned, and departed abruptly. The first mate called the names of all five hundred passengers and then released them to find their berths below.

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