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By Brad Green, Shyam Seshadri

ISBN-10: 1449344852

ISBN-13: 9781449344856

Develop smaller, lighter net apps which are easy to create and simple to check, expand, and hold as they develop. This hands-on advisor introduces you to AngularJS, the open resource JavaScript framework that makes use of Model–view–controller (MVC) structure, facts binding, client-side templates, and dependency injection to create a much-needed constitution for construction internet apps.

Guided by way of engineers who labored on AngularJS at Google, you’ll stroll throughout the framework’s key beneficial properties, after which construct a operating AngularJS app—from format to trying out, compiling, and debugging. You’ll learn the way AngularJS is helping decrease the complexity of your net app.
* Dive deep into Angular’s construction blocks and learn the way they interact
* achieve greatest flexibility through isolating common sense, facts, and presentation tasks with MVC
* gather your complete app within the browser, utilizing client-side templates
* Use AngularJS directives to increase HTML with declarative syntax
* converse with the server and enforce basic caching with the $http provider
* Use dependency injection to enhance refactoring, testability, and a number of atmosphere layout
* Get code samples for universal difficulties you face in so much net apps

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For convenience, we're going to break my rule of separating style and structure that I discussed in the beginning of this chapter by declaring an inline style attribute. Here's our HTML markup for the



Avoid using inline styles. It's a bad practice, and though development best practices for style and content separation is beyond the scope of this book, I'll make all the efforts I can in advocating the use of best practices.

The HTML markup is a simple unordered list of links. The hyperlinks are assigned an onclick attribute which triggers the mouseClick() function when you click on them. ' ); }

[ 26 ] Chapter 2 What's so bad about it? If the script works as intended, then what's the big deal?

We didn't give myDog any replacement options, so it used as the default option in our class. bark() method on myDog, it alerted us that "Barkee", the default name, "is barking". sit() method. bark()? Time for action – giving our class instance some custom options Let's give some custom options to our class by deploying the following: 1. Go back to the source code of the HTML document you just created. Go to the var myDog = new Dog({ }); line. 2. Pass property values to name, type, and age like so: var myDog = new Dog({ name : 'Zensis', type : 'German Sheperd', age : 10 }); 3.

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