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This present day, humanity is stuck up within the mad complexity of the brain and there's an pressing have to rediscover simplicity and innocence. the following, modern mystic Osho brings to lifestyles the inherent and undying knowledge of conventional Zen tales, displaying that Zen is a fashion of dissolving philosophical difficulties, now not of fixing them — a manner of having rid of philosophy, simply because philosophy is a kind of neurosis. Zen is for these clever sufficient to appreciate the restrictions of the mind and able to realize the importance of instinct on the earth of mysticism.

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If you want to relax, acceptance is the way. Accept whatsoever is happening all around; let it become an organic whole. It is -- you may know it or you may not know it. Everything is inter-related. These birds, these trees, this sky, this sun, this earth, you, me -- all are related. It is an organic unity. If the sun disappears, the trees will disappear; if the trees disappear, the birds will disappear; if the birds and trees disappear, you cannot be here, you will disappear. It is an ecology. Everything is deeply related with each other.

The word 'belief' comes from a root 'lief' -- 'lief' means to desire, to wish. Now let me explain it to you. ' What exactly are you saying? ' But you don't know. If you know, there is no question of belief. Do you believe in the trees here? Do you believe in the sun which arises every morning? Do you believe in the stars? There is no question of belief. You know that the sun is there, that the trees are there. Nobody believes in the sun -- if he did, you would say he is mad. ' I have heard an anecdote.

Yes. Religion, as such, is surrendering, relaxing. Don't cling to anything. Clinging shows that you don't trust life. Every evening, Mohammed used to distribute whatsoever he had collected in the day. All! Not even a single pai would he save for the tomorrow because he said that the same source that had given today, would give to him tomorrow. If it has happened today, why be untrusting about tomorrow? Why save? But when he was dying and he was very ill, his wife became worried. Even at midnight a physician may be needed, so that evening she saved five rupees, five dinars.

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