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In the laryngopharynx region 129. The respiratory tubes that branch off the trachea are called the ____. A. bronchioles B. primary bronchi C. carina 130. Blood capillaries that surround the ____ will absorb oxygen. A. B. C. D. alveoli lungs villi lobules 131. The diaphragm muscle moves ____ in order for inhalation to occur. A. downward B. upward 132. In order to inhale, the ____. A. B. C. D. thoracic cavity must decrease in size thus increasing thoracic pressure thoracic cavity must increase in size thus decreasing thoracic pressure thoracic cavity must decrease in size thus decreasing thoracic pressure thoracic cavity must increase in size thus increasing thoracic pressure 22 CliffsStudySolver Anatomy & Physiology 133.

Cubital. The elbow region is the cubital. Some texts refer to this region as the olecranon. 12. carpal. This is the wrist area. The posterior view is the same as the anterior view. 13. pollex. The thumb is the pollex. The big toe is the hallux. 14. femoral. The posterior upper thigh is the femoral just at the anterior upper thigh. 15. calcaneus. The heel of the foot is the calcaneus. 16. occipital. The back of the head is the occipital. 17. cervical. The entire neck region is the cervical. 18. axilla.

B If you missed numbers 76 through 78, refer to page 167 (The Brain). 79. C 80. C 81. A If you missed numbers 79 through 81, refer to page 176 (Nerve Plexuses). 82. B 83. C 84. A If you missed numbers 82 through 84, refer to page 179 (Protecting the Central Nervous System). 85. A 86. B 87. A If you missed numbers 85 through 87, refer to page 186 (The Spinal Nerves). 88. C 89. B 90. A If you missed numbers 88 through 90, refer to page 187 (The Cranial Nerves). 91. C 92. B 93. B If you missed numbers 91 through 93, refer to page 195 (Introducing the Five Senses).

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