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"Judged by means of the reception it met by the hands of these in energy, either in Church and country, both in Roman Catholic and in Protestant international locations, the Anabaptist flow was once probably the most tragic within the background of Christianity; yet, judged by way of the rules, which have been placed into play by means of the lads who bore this reproachful nickname, it needs to be reported essentially the most momentous and demanding undertakings in man’s eventful spiritual fight after the reality. It accumulated up the profits of past pursuits, it's the religious soil out of which all nonconformist sects have sprung, and it's the first undeniable assertion in glossy heritage of a programme for a brand new kind of Christian society which the fashionable international, specially in the USA and England, has been slowly realizing—an completely loose and autonomous non secular society, and a kingdom during which each guy counts as a guy, and has his proportion in shaping either Church and State." those phrases of Rufus M. Jones represent the most effective characterizations of Anabaptism and its contribution to our glossy Christian tradition to be present in the English language.

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4 Bullinger reports these ideas, not in commendation but in condemnation urging the need of rigid suppression. He attempts a point by point refutation of the Anabaptist teaching, closing with the assertion that to put to death Anabaptists is a necessary and commendable service. But great as is the Anabaptist contribution to the development of religious liberty, this concept not only does not exhaust but actually fails to define the true essence of Anabaptism. In the last analysis freedom of religion is a purely formal concept, barren of content; it says nothing about the faith or the way of life of those who advocate it, nor does it reveal their goals or program of action.

32. Joachim von Watt, Deutsche Historische Schriften, ed. Ernst Götzinger (St. Gall, 1879), II, 408. 33. C. A. Cornelius, Geschichte des Münsterschen Aufruhrs (Leipzig, 1860), II, 52. 34. W. J. McGlothlin, Die Berner Täufer bis 1532 (berlin, 1902), 36. 35. J. J. Simler, Sammlung alter und neuer Urkunden (Zurich, 1757), I, 824. Page 41 36. Karl Rembert, Die Wiedertäufer im Herzogtum Jülich (Berlin, 1899), 564. 37. Ernst Müller, Geschichte der Bernischen Täufer (Frauenfeld, 1895). 88. Müller speaks (p.

Both certainly expected the preaching of the Word and the ministration of the sacraments to bear fruit in an earnest Christian life, at least among some, but they reckoned with a permanently large and indifferent mass. In taking this course, said the Anabaptists, the reformers surrendered their original purpose, and abandoned the divine intention. 24 The Anabaptists, however, retained the original vision of Luther and Zwingli, enlarged it, gave it body and form, and set out to achieve it in actual experience.

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