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Too; synonyms (adv) excessively, over, overly, extremely, unduly. gjithçka 1. all; synonyms (adv) whole, purely, altogether, entirely, totally, wholly, apiece, completely, (adj) universal, each, every, gross, complete, alone, entire, outright, (n) aggregate, entirety, everything, (det) any; antonyms (pron) none, (det) some, 2. altogether; synonyms (adv) absolutely, all, perfectly, simply, ensemble, fully, utterly, generally, quite, thoroughly; antonym (adv) partly. gjithë each; synonyms (adv) apiece, (adj) every, any, singular, distinct, eche, ilk, eminent, exceptional, extraordinary, odd, same, strange, uncommon, unique, unusual, whimsical; te gjithë all.

Cheek; synonyms (n) audacity, boldness, brass, F faj 1. guilt; synonyms (n) blame, criminality, sin, fault, remorse, repentance, complicity, responsibility, guiltiness, shame; antonyms (n) innocence, blamelessness, 2. blame; synonyms (v) accuse, arraign, censure, reprimand, charge, reproach, chide, rebuke, attribute, criticize, knock, scold, (n) attack, rap, onus, accusation, allegation, condemnation, inculpation, indictment; antonyms (v) pardon, absolve, praise, 3. fault; synonyms (n) defect, blemish, error, failing, blot, crime, delinquency, flaw, blunder, break, demerit, weakness, default, failure, fracture, imperfection, lapse, misdeed, (v) deficiency, culpability; antonyms (n) merit, strength.

Accuse; synonyms (v) impeach, charge, incriminate, arraign, criminate, defame, denounce, indict, fault, betray, accusation, admonish, censure, condemn, criticize, impute, inculpate, sue, (n) tax, 2. blame; synonyms (v) accuse, reprimand, reproach, chide, rebuke, attribute, knock, scold, (n) attack, rap, onus, allegation, condemnation, inculpation, responsibility, indictment, disapprobation, abuse, admonition, burden; antonyms (v) pardon, absolve, praise. fakultet faculty; synonyms (n) capacity, aptitude, capability, endowment, bent, facility, power, staff, flair, efficiency, aptness, competence, dexterity, expertness, genius, (adj) ability, cleverness, talent, ingenuity, (v) gift; antonym (n) inability.

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