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By Todd E. Feinberg

ISBN-10: 019513625X

ISBN-13: 9780195136258

ISBN-10: 0195152425

ISBN-13: 9780195152425

It can be the inner most secret of philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience: how does the mind unite to create the self, the subjective "I"? In Altered Egos, Dr. Todd Feinberg offers a brand new concept of the self, according to his first-hand event as either a psychiatrist and neurologist.

Feinberg first introduces the reader to dozens of exciting situations of sufferers whose issues have led to what he calls "altered egos": a metamorphosis within the mind that transforms the limits of the self. He describes sufferers who are suffering from "alien hand syndrome" the place one hand may perhaps assault the patient's personal throat, sufferers with frontal lobe harm who invent very good tales approximately their lives, paralyzed sufferers who reject and disown one in every of their limbs. Feinberg argues that the mind harm suffered by means of those humans has performed extra than just impair yes functions--it has fragmented their feel of self. After illustrating how those sufferers offer a window into the self and the brain, the writer offers a brand new version of the self that hyperlinks the workings of the mind with distinctive and private positive aspects of the brain, akin to that means, goal, and being. Drawing on his personal and different proof, Feinberg explains how the unified self, whereas now not situated in a single or one other mind sector, arises out of the stunning complexity and variety of the brain's part elements.

Lucid, insightful, jam-packed with attention-grabbing case reviews and provocative new principles, Altered Egos gives you to alter the best way we take into consideration human recognition and the production and upkeep of human id.

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