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By Herd, David

ISBN-10: 1847772951

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The poems during this assortment are made from the fractured words and competing idioms of latest flow and the interpretation among private and non-private spacesconversations that commence and are damaged off; public bulletins intervening in deepest events; an emergency that's approximately to spread within the history. Taking bearings from Dover and London and wrestling with subject matters of elegy and protest, official Read more...


Taking bearings from Dover and London, from elegy and protest, from professional buildings that confirm the place humans can pass, and the futures that go them, this publication explores the social areas in Read more...

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This much I can report. I didn’t speak to the sun directly minded he was busy and anyway since he talked to O’Hara the principle of constitution seemed hardly to have changed, though this was Camber Sands nobody’s version of Long Island such commons in the present by the authority understood that he shall people talking Polish people talking bodies the way the wind picks up making it creditable and warm like an avenue in springtime or some such some kind of whereabouts this much I’m ready to report: one, looking out for the first time people at the water thinking sure enough, that day definitely Taney’s objection applied.

Stopped. Beaten and detained following the common trajectory, emulating the curve drifting northward imagining the map, laid out in way stations, inward with the land from which he emerged only arbitrarily, intimate with the limitations of a biological being, like a fugue, fugue-like, wintering darkly passing sometimes crossing, watching the shipping home, taken with a view, vulnerable, physical, ideational bones nerves a man from Eritrea. Stopped. Stop. Up the hill Nearly everything is unchosen.

Even though as drivers we know when to slow which comes as basic now in automobile technology still there are practices among us we’re learning not to use; this is blow back we follow it on the wind, the finest clause in the closest small print, covenanted, guaranteed maturity, by some antique name. Leaving us edgy difficult to disclose, unless by some woman maybe who just came through, carrying a baby, on false documentation, drawn by the language because the syntax runs deep, uncertain of her surroundings save this is probably Dover, subject to requirement manoeuvred by the state though she has a function maybe with some people maybe in some doctor’s home, to be shadowed forth establishing a structural equivalence contingent, understanding she doesn’t belong frightened, not following the terms some woman witness among us, no one, this is Dover, let her drive the car.

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