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By J. Kinsman

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This e-book provides a heritage of AIDS keep watch over in Uganda, from the beginning of the epidemic within the early Nineteen Eighties up till 2005. Uganda is widely known across the world as an AIDS 'success story', either for its bringing down HIV occurrence and occurrence over the Nineties, and for its leading edge method of scaling up the supply of antiretroviral treatment.

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Ignoring research evidence is harmful to individuals and populations, and wastes resources” (Mexico Statement on Health Research, 2004:1). WHO is a central player in formulating and promoting EBPs. As a means of facilitating evidence-based policy making, the world body has established the Health Evidence Network, whose function is to provide “answers to policy questions in the form of evidence-based reports and summaries” (Health Evidence Network, 2006). , 2004). Furthermore, a “GRADE” approach has been developed to “grade the quality of evidence and strength of recommendations” in the development of EBPs (GRADE Working Group, 2004:1496).

Furthermore, it was difficult for the bureaucrats to take the findings and recommendations of the PHC evaluations that had been conducted into account simply because their bureaucratic needs—the political context in which they worked on a day-to-day basis—did not permit the necessary changes to be made. In this sense, political context at a relatively low bureaucratic level impeded an effective response to the evaluation of the PHC programs. Other studies have shown that if it is politically expedient at a higher, ministerial level—if the results of an evaluation “legitimate or sustain a predetermined position already taken by policy makers” (Moynihan, 2004:3)—the research will be included in future policy decisions.

One of the more outspoken of these critics has argued that “most if not all sexual health interventions are of the sort that makes them inherently unsuitable for experimental evaluation, particularly the kind of evaluation set out by the Cochrane Collaboration” (Kippax, 2002). One of the arguments is that possible intervention target points for HIV control are not linked in “simple, demonstrable chains of causation where single factors are manipulated to produce single, easily measured outcomes” (McQueen, 2000:96).

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