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By Raymond J. Healy, J. Francis McComas

ISBN-10: 0345289250

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She sure was good at that. She seemed to have an endless supply of tears. But she was pretty young, about five or six I guessed. ’ I asked Lee, nodding at the girl with the splint. ‘I think so,’ he said. ’ The girl, as if on cue, said, ‘I can’t walk anywhere. ’ She started crying too. Only then did I realise who she was. Casey, the kid I’d hugged in the house in Castlefield Street. I looked at the other two girls more closely then, and recognised one of them as the third girl from that rumpus room.

I realised she hadn’t been behind me when I thought she was, back at our rest-place. So I was a bit more cheerful, that Fi didn’t mind being with me, but I was still so upset at what she’d said that my stomach felt like a wrestling pit for snakes. We did a quick slide over the other side, in case anyone in the distance happened to be looking our way, and dived down into the big tree that hid the start of the track. At least it was downhill all the way now. I took the lead, letting my legs do the work while my head and my heart tried to deal with the big mess of feelings stirred up by Fi.

Let them go,’ I said. I could see what was going to happen. They would follow the natural lie of the land, but in doing that they would miss the track completely. There was a spur right in front of them which offered a nice easylooking walk, but it gradually curved away to the south. Eventually it would lead you into thick, impenetrable bush and by then you’d be well and truly lost. That was the bush for you. I loved it, but you had to be constantly on your guard. If it caught you not concentrating it could trick you in no time.

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