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Advances in Conjugated Linoleic Acid learn, quantity 2 is the second one e-book in a sequence committed solely to conjugated linoleic acid. This booklet has up-to-date info at the research, biochemistry and functions of conjugated fatty acids in an try and make quantity 2, along with quantity 1 (published in 1999), the main finished, updated assets of CLA-related details on hand at the present time. either clinical and advertisement perspectives are provided, with an identical information occasionally interpreted another way

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Sébédio and co-workers (30) determined the 20:4 metabolites in liver lipids of rats fed a mix of CLA-enriched TAG isomers. The liver lipids were extracted, converted to FAME, and a 20:4 fraction was isolated by RP-HPLC. The 20:4 fraction was subfractionated by Ag-TLC before hydrazine reduction and analysis of the resulting monoenes (as dimethyl-oxazoline derivatives) by GC-MS. The two 20:4 isomers were tentatively identified as 5c,8c,11c,13t- and 5c,8c,12t,14c-20:4. Ag-HPLC was also used for this analysis (see Copyright 2003 by AOCS Press.

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