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The separation of nucleation and growth is the key step for the preparation of high quality crystals. The growth mechanism, such as Ostwald ripening (Dadyburjor & Ruckenstein, 1977; Sugimoto, 1978; Marqusee & Ross, 1983) and aggregation especially oriented attachment (Penn & Banfield, 1999; Banfield, 2000), will dramatically affect the size, morphology, and properties of the products. In Ostwald ripening process, the larger particles will grow at the expense of the smaller ones. The “oriented attachment” mechanism was reported by Penn and Banfield (Penn & Banfield, 1999; Banfield, 2000).

Reproduced with permission from Mater. Res. , 2009, 44, 288. Copyright 2009 Elsevier. 20 mol L-1, the flakes consisted of particles were observed (Fig. 18c). When the high concentration of Ba2+ was used, the nucleation of BaCrO4 was fast and the growth was restricted. So the particles were obtained. These results indicate that the morphology of BaCrO4 is sensitive to the experimental conditions. 19). When both P123 and CTAB were used, the rhombus-like structures consisted of particles were observed and porous structures were seen on the surface.

5e shows a typical sphere with the diameter of about 600 nm. If Na2CO3 instead of (NH4)2CO3 was used, the cuboid-like morphology of calcite was obtained (Fig. 5f). When ethylenediamine was used as an additive, spherical nanoparticles of amorphous CaCO3 were obtained using (NH4)2CO3 as the CO32– source (Fig. 5g). Using Na2CO3 instead of (NH4)2CO3 as the CO32– source and ethylenediamine, one can see the flower-like morphology of aragonite (Fig. 5h). It is well known that the ethylenediamine is a bidentate ligand and the strong coordination ability.

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