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By Joseph Lott, Kathryn Rotondo, Samuel Ahn, Ashley Atkins, Max Jackson

ISBN-10: 1933988487

ISBN-13: 9781933988481

Yeah, sounds like an excellent book...if you are already acquainted with SQLite. however the writer did not make a concerted attempt to ensure all of the resource records have been incorporated on their site, hence, resource code for a helper dossier is lacking. Who is familiar with what else is lacking. i am simply attracted to the database features of AIR and their SQLTutorial software wasn't incorporated within the downloads. additional, the e-book used to be released July 2008, this is often 2010, they usually nonetheless have not fastened the matter. They it sounds as if do not be aware of their discussion board at the subject simply because they have not provided ANY aid whatever. The extra I write, the extra annoyed i believe.

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Fla. fla file. fla file name. 0. You can modify any and all of the elements of the form, and those changes will be reflected in the descriptor file. The form requires that you specify a digital signature. 2, all AIR applications must have a digital signature. When building an AIR application using Flash, you specify the certificate using this option in the form. 11. Select the Sign the AIR file with a digital certificate option, then select a certificate to use. If you’re using a certificate from a certification authority or an existing self-signed certificate you already created, you can immediately browse to find that certificate file.

Swf. swf looks for image files in the same directory as itself, this way of adding files to the archive is correct. NOTE There are additional options when running adt to create an installer. air file. Consult the official documentation for more information. air file you can then distribute. We’ve now completed the discussion of building AIR applications using the Flex SDK. Next we’ll look at a few quick-start applications. These quick-start applications will allow you to use what you’ve learned so far to build simple, working AIR applications.

The default value for all these properties is true. 1. height = 200; D Set the initial width and height Construct the new window C } } } In this example, we first create the window options and set the type and chrome values on that options object B. Next we create the window itself, passing it the options C. We also set the initial width and height to 200-by-200 D. See the “Adding content to windows” section for more information on how setting the width and height works. We’ve successfully created a window, set options on the window, and even set the size of the window.

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