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If you run the above code, you'll see that whenever the value in the input field changes the

is updated automatically. Well, let's see what happens step by step: 1. First the ng-app directive bootstraps the application. We don't have a module, so we just write ng-app without specifying any values. One thing to note is that whenever AngularJS encounters ng-app it creates a root scope for your HTML page. Again, the scope is a place where we store our model data so that they are accessible by the view.

But with AngularJS none of the above is required. In fact, you won't need to write even a single line of JavaScript for this app! Have a look at the following snippet which implements the same thing in AngularJS. html inside the app directory of angular-seed-master and paste the following snippet. doctype html> My First AngularJS App Your Salary? 11 12 AngularJS: Novice to Ninja
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To understand this, let's add a function to the $scope that returns the greeting text hello in a random language. length))]; } }); Here, we added a model helloMessages to $scope, which is an array of strings. This represents the text hello in five different languages. We also set a function getRandomHelloMessage() on the $scope that selects a message randomly and sets the value to scope model greeting. greeting is updated the expression {{greeting}} changes in the view. js"> 33 34 AngularJS: Novice to Ninja {{greeting}} User!

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