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By Alex Vary (auth.), John C. Duke Jr. (eds.)

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Finding and slzmg cracks and different crack-like discontinuities has been the guts of cognizance for scientists and engineers constructing and utilizing nondestructive overview (NDE) know-how. notwithstanding, with complicated mate­ rials being "engineered" and utilized in serious structural elements, a brand new for NDE has emerged. while many conventional engineering materi­ problem als fail as a result initiation and self-similar propagation of a crack, bolstered composite fabrics degrade and fail in a fashion extra analogously to the cave in of a constitution. therefore the NDE of such fabrics includes assessing the mixed impact of the material's broken instead of picking and sizing unmarried severe imperfection. In 1979 Alex differ, looking to handle the problem confronting the NDE of complex fiber strengthened composite fabrics started paintings on a brand new approach to fabrics characterization. concentrating on the matter of comparing graphite fiber reinforcedl epoxy laminated plates; fluctuate used a piezoelectric transducer to excite a mechanical disturbance in a plate and, with a sensi­ tive piezoelectric transducer monitored the disturbance at the comparable floor of the plate. (Placing the transducers at the related floor used to be basically for sensible objective yet their displacement towards expected carrier load was once of primary significance!) To quantify this statement, he counted the variety of tours, of the ensuing electric sign, above a arbitrary voltage threshold; a approach often used for acoustic emission sign analysis.

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2. R. L. Weaver, On Diffuse Waves in Solid Media, jASA 71:1608 (1982). 3. R. L. Weaver, Diffuse Wave in Finite Plates, ]. Sound Vib. 94:319 (1984). 4. R. L. Weaver, Laboratory Studies of Diffuse Waves in Plates, j. ASA 79:919 (1986). 5. R. L. Weaver, Diffuse Field Decay Rates for Material Characterization, in: "Solid Mechanics Research for QNDE", Nijhoff, Dordrecht (in press). 6. R. L. Weaver, Diffuse Elastic Waves at a Free Surface, jASA 78:131 (1985). 7. R. L. Weaver, On the Time and Geometry Independence of Elastodynamic Spectral Energy Density, jASA 80:1539 (1986).

Numerical results are given in order to delineate the influence of the plate material orderings on the propagation process. INTRODUCTION In three recent papers l - 3 Nayfeh and Chimenti considered, both analytically and experimentally, the reflected waves from liquid-solid half-spaces interfaces separated by asolid layer of different elastic material in rigid contact to the solid half-space. In the latter 2 •3 we derived exact expressions for the reflection coefficients where, as in our earlier paper, 1 only an approximate expression was reported.

B should be chosen so as to make the integrand of the denominator roughly constant ac ross the frequency band. Optimal choice of B will weight all frequencies equally and reduce the expected error in R to apart in order (NlIT/2)·s. The parameter R is similar to the parameter Mo found in Govada et al. 10. At very late times, if the damping 0 allows duration of the signal until such times, the energy field has become smoothly distributed across the entire specimen. At such times there are two material dependent parameters available.

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