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'The historical past of the way abortion got here to be banned and the way girls lost--for the century among nearly 1870 and 1970--rights formerly regarded as common and inherent over their very own our bodies is an interesting and infuriating one.

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4 In 1841 her first arrest placed both her name and her occupation before the public. 5 The publicity she gained more than offset any temporary inconvenience, and by the middle of the l840s Restell had branch agencies in Boston and Philadelphia. 6 Restell's enterprise would remain lucrative and successful into the late 1870s, when Madame Restell herself was destined to be one of the most celebrated victims of America's sharp shift on abortion policy. It is important to note that Restell was no isolated aberration, but only the most flamboyant and the most publicized of the abortionists who began to appear during the 1840s.

24 There was more at stake for regulars, however, than matters of principle and questions of theory, important as they were. 25 As Edward C. Atwater made clear in a fine study of this phenomenon in a single small city, Rochester, New York, the problem was very real. 26 In the face of such crises many regular physicians in the United States decided to try to defend both their medical theories and their material livelihoods in the best way they could: through the state legislatures. 27 Their ongoing and ultimately successful efforts to influence medicalrelated legislation of all kinds became crucial to the evolution of abortion policy at the state level because, unlike most of their irregular rivals and unlike a majority of the American people, regular physicians opposed abortion not only after quickening but before quickening as well.

To document fully the pervasiveness of those open and obvious advertisements would probably require the citation of a substantial portion of the mass audience publications circulated in the United States around midcentury. During the 1840s Americans also learned for the first time not only that many practitioners would provide abortion services, but that some practitioners had made the abortion business their chief livelihood. Indeed, abortion became one of the first specialties in American medical history.

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