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The whole consultant to abbreviations and acronyms.

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    'Collins Wordpower' is a chain of compact, entire and common publications to English utilization: the true English courses to actual English.

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    Worldwide, there are millions of Fellows belonging to hundreds of Institutes - FInstPC, for example, is a Fellow of the Institute of Public Cleansing - so when you see an abbreviation beginning with FI or FR there is a good chance that it refers to a Fellow of some learned, professional or trade body. But you can be fooled. There are a lot of FIs which are abbreviations of the French Federation internationale, such as FIFA, which in English is the International Association Football Federation. Other traps include FID (Falkland Islands Dependencies), PICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act in the US), FIFO (first in, first out), FEA (Federation of European Aerosol Associations), FGA (Flat Glass Association) and FPA (Family Planning Association).

    E. one that the recipient of the original message is unaware of BCCI Bank of Credit and Commerce International BCF British Chess Federation BCNZ Broadcasting Corporation of New Zealand BCom Bachelor of Commerce BD Bachelor of Divinity BDA British Dental Association; British Dyslexia Association BDD body dismorphic disorder – a preoccupation with a perceived defect in appearance, causing distress and impairment in functioning. BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery BEA British European Airways BE British Empire BEd Bachelor of Education Beds Bedfordshire BEEB British Broadcasting Corporation (also BBC) BEF British Expeditionary Force Bee Gees From Brothers Gibb, family pop group BEM British Empire Medal Benelux Customs union between Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg BEng Bachelor of Engineering Berks Berkshire BeV unit of one billion electron volts BFG big friendly giant BFPA British Film Producers’ Association BFPO British Forces Post Office BHS British Home Stores; British Horse Society Bib Bible; Biblical bibl bibliography; bibliographical BIET British Institute of Engineering Technology Biggies Code for ‘Biggies Flies Undone’ BIM British Institute of Management BIOS Basin Input / Output System BISF British Iron and Steel Federation Bit, bit binary digit (Binary digiT) BL Bachelor of Law B/L, B/1 bill of lading BLitt Bachelor of Letters BLL Bachelor of Laws BLT, blt bacon, lettuce and tomato (sandwich); built blvd boulevard BMJ British Medical Journal B-movie Low-cost supporting movie (originally Hollywood productions) BMT British Mean Time; bone marrow transplant BMTA British Motor Trade Association BMus Bachelor of Music BMW Bayerische Motoren Werke, Bavaria: car manufacturer BMX bicycle motocross; a bicycle designed for rough or stunt riding bn billion BNA British Nursing Association BNFL British Nuclear Fuels Limited BO, bo body odour; box office BOAC British Overseas Airways Corporation Bod Bodleian Library, Oxford BOLTOP better on lips than on paper (usually placed below a ‘paper kiss’ – X – on the back of a lover’s envelope) BOOK box of organised knowledge (Anthony Burgess’s definition of a book) BOP Boy’s Own Paper (boy’s weekly, 1879–1967) BOSS Bureau of State Security (South Africa) BOT Board of Trade bot botany; botanical; bottle; bottom BOTB British Overseas Trade Board BP British Petroleum B-P Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout movement BPA British Philatelic Association BPC British Pharmaceutical Codex; British Printing Corporation bpm beats per minute (heart rate) BPS British Pharmacological Society; bits per second Bfr&Q DIY chain store established by a Mr Block and a Mr Quayle in Southampton in 1968 br branch; bridge; brown BR British Rail bra brassiere BRCS British Red Cross Society Brig Brigadier; Brig Gen = Brigadier General BRM British Racing Motors Bro, bro Brother; brother B-road secondary road BS bullshit BSC British Safety Council; British Steel Corporation; British Sugar Corporation; British Standards Council BSc Bachelor of Science BSc and all those other Bachelors The original handful of university Bachelor degrees has in recent years proliferated to hundreds: BLE (Bachelor of Land Economy); BNSc (Bachelor of Nursing Science); BO (Bachelor of Oratory); BPd (Bachelor of Pedagogy) and so on.

    One final point, or period. All the abbreviations in this dictionary are printed without periods. Although this is a widespread trend, and one which avoids typographical fussiness while only on the rarest of occasions causing any ambiguity, you should know that the practice is not without its critics. A A absolute (temperature); ace (cards); adult; advanced; ammeter (electric circuits); ampere; anode; area; atomic; (as in A-bomb); Argentine austral (currency); blood type A; excellence in exam marking); American; annual; answer; April; August; Australia a about; accepted; acceleration; acre; acreage; actual; address; adjective; afternoon; age; alto; annus = year; anonymous; answer; ante = before; area; arrive; arrived; arriving A0-A10 etc paper sizes, from the largest (A0 = 841x1189mm; A1 = 594x841mm) to the smallest (A10 = 26x37mm).

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