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The name in the plural form is used by Yeats only to suggest the emptiness of power, but he uses it differently in the singular. Here it suggests isolation and the need of silence: "His eyes fixed upon nothing ... " Caliph. See Harun al-Rashid. Callimachus. , Callimachus is credited with the invention of a drill that enabled him to make diaphanous draperies in marble. He also fashioned a golden lamp, shaped like a palm and designed to shed perpetual light on the Erechtheum, the Ionic temple of Athene on the Acropolis.

Uniting] times, places, and other cultures with our own" (191). His many references to Homer, Plato, and Aristotle and to the figures mortal and immortal of the Iliad and Greek mythology illustrate the point. About 1902, Yeats's poetry lost many of the ephemeral qualities of his early escapist work and began to take on the harder, less dream-burdened, more controversial manner that marks his poetry thereafter. His experiences in the Irish theatre and on the Irish political scene share, as the next Page xi years go by, a good deal of the responsibility for this change.

Yeats remembered years later, when the countess was a political prisoner, how as a girl she had ridden near Ben Bulben on her way to meets. Also nearby is the waterfall Glen-Car. Yeats, of course, is buried in the shadow of Ben Bulben. " Bera. The island of Bere, located in Bantry Bay, county Cork. In Irish Oilean Beare [el'on bar' a, the island of Beara] is from a personal name. " Berenice or Berenice's Hair. The constellation Coma Berenices. Berenice II of Cyrene (d. ) was the wife of Ptolemy III.

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