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By Mark Helprin

ISBN-10: 0547545142

ISBN-13: 9780547545141

From acclaimed novelist Mark Helprin, a lush, literary epic approximately love, good looks, and the area at war

Alessandro Giuliani, the younger son of a filthy rich Roman legal professional, enjoys an idyllic lifestyles choked with privilege: he races horses around the state to the ocean, he climbs mountains within the Alps, and, whereas a scholar of portray on the historic collage in Bologna, he falls in love. Then the good warfare intervenes. part a century later, in August of 1964, Alessandro, a white-haired professor, tall and proud, meets an illiterate younger manufacturing unit employee at the street. As they stroll towards Monte Prato, a village seventy kilometers away, the outdated man—a soldier and a hero who grew to become a prisoner after which a deserter, wandering within the hell that claimed Europe—tells him how he tragically misplaced one relations and won one other. The boy, envying the richness and drama of Alessandro's studies, realizes that this fabulous story isn't really in simple terms a narrative: it's a recapitulation of his existence, his reckoning with mortality, and specifically, a love tune for his family members.

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