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We live in an age dominated by visual images -- but not at the Supreme Court and the lower federal court system. Rehnquist and several other Supreme Court justices adamantly oppose allowing television cameras to record the Court’s public proceedings; not a single justice actively favors allowing cameras in the court. The result: the Justices, unlike officials of the other two branches, operate virtually behind close doors. Over the years, studies have been conducted to test a wide variety of claims that cameras are harmful to the judicial system.

In 1997, Brill resigned as CEO of Court TV and sold his minority interest in American Lawyer Media to Time-Warner. 33 In 1997, Time Warner bought Brill's stake in the network. J. J. Simpson trial. As a result it gained huge ratings for Court TV. It just swamped the country with interest and put Court TV on the map. J. trial, America's appetite for courtroom coverage declined. It shrank dramatically and the company floundered for awhile under Brill's leadership. As the ratings fell, the partners of Court TV began bickering about the direction the network should take.

Court TV responded: At Court TV, we feel strongly that trials can be educational as well as entertaining. The framers of our constitution intended that trials that were important to a community be open to that community.... While [conventional news] reporting can be valuable in helping us to sort out the issues involved, it can never replace the understanding we can gain from viewing actual proceedings. Consequently, many of us have become jaded or just plain misinformed about the workings of our judicial system.

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