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By Edwin A. Lyon

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Recipient of the 1994 Anne B. and James B. McMillan Prize

This complete research offers a historical past of latest Deal archaeology within the Southeast within the Nineteen Thirties and early Nineteen Forties and specializes in the initiatives of the Federal Emergency aid management, the Civil Works management, the Works development management, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the nationwide Park carrier, and the Smithsonian Institution.

using fundamental assets together with correspondence and unpublished reviews, Lyon demonstrates the good significance of the hot Deal initiatives within the historical past of southeastern and North American archaeology. New Deal archaeology reworked the perform of archaeology within the Southeast and created the foundation for the self-discipline that exists this present day. With the present emphasis on curation and repatriation, archaeologists and historians will locate this quantity valuable in reconstructing the historical past of the tasks that generated the various collections that now fill our museums.


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The Lamar group included two large mounds and a village. Local interest in the preservation of the sites developed as early as 1922. Dr. Charles C. Harrold, a surgeon, suggested the organization of a Macon historical society, but despite plans of the Smithsonian to work in the area, little was accomplished. In November 1933 Dr. Harrold, Gen. Walter A. Harris, a lawyer, and Linton M. Solomon, a retired businessman, asked the Macon Junior Chamber of Commerce to buy the mounds to preserve them, and in December the Chamber bought Mound A and the Lamar mounds.

He also saw similarities between pottery along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida. 38 Winslow Walker worked in Arkansas and Louisiana for the Smithsonian. 39 In Louisiana he worked in the Red River area. He did some salvage archaeology at a site being destroyed by construction of a fish hatchery. Beginning in August 1931 Walker focused his attention on the Troyville Mounds in Catahoula Parish. He briefly investigated the site in November 1931 until heavy rains ended work. For two months during the fall of 1932 Walker excavated what remained of the Troyville site after destruction of the largest mound.

Stirling. Fewkes found three layers of deposits at the site, all entirely prehistoric. 37 Henry B. Collins was sent to Mississippi and Louisiana in 1926. B. from Millsaps College and had worked at Pueblo Bonita in New Mexico, had dug for the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, and had excavated in Florida for the Smithsonian. He worked from April to June primarily in the Louisiana coastal area but located some sites in Mississippi. In December 1929 and December 1930 Collins, in cooperation with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, excavated the Deasonville site in Mississippi with the assistance of Moreau B.

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