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By Joyce Barkhouse

ISBN-10: 1554880556

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"Twelve months in anywhere, my pal, is sort of a weary whereas And turns out extra like a century while lived on Sable Isle ..."

So wrote Thomas Raddall on the age of eighteen, no longer dreaming that a long time later Sable Island -- that "hell on the earth" -- would offer a romantic history for one in every of his maximum novels, The Nymph and the Lamp.

Traumatized through the horror of the good Halifax Explosion of 1917, in a number of months by way of the dying of his father in conflict out of the country, Tom was once compelled to depart college on the age of fourteen.

This short account of his lifestyles tells of his early adventures and of ways he turned one among Canada's most famed storytellers.

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She and her best friend, Helene Sandford, had planned and dreamed that they would enter Dalhousie University together. Now Nellie had to agree that she would take a short course in shorthand and typing and become a stenographer. As for Tom, he had always hated school. In spite of his sister’s tears and his mother’s despair, he couldn’t hide his joy. He had never been a real wage-earner. The summer before he had laboured on a farm as a Soldier of the Soil to “Help Win the War” but he had received no pay and very poor board.

Her husband had followed her only to discover that she was dead. He soon died of a broken heart, but it was said that often his ghost could be seen riding a big white horse through fog or foam, while on dark nights he could be heard muttering curses against the French king. This ghost caught Tom’s fancy and during long, lonely hours, when the wind set up a dreadful moaning in the boiler pipes of the nearby wreck of a steamer, he wrote a story that he called The Singing Frenchman. He sent it to a small Halifax paper, and to his joy and astonishment it was accepted.

Along with most of the crew from the Karma, Tom and Skin were ordered to join the transport Prince George at Southampton. When the Prince George sailed for Boston, Tom was broke. The joy of his homecoming to Halifax was dimmed when he had to confess to his mother that he could not pay her back. His guilt increased when he discovered that she had sold most of her belongings, including the piano, in his absence. She had decided that as soon as she could raise enough money she would return to England with her girls.

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