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Among the payment of the Pilgrims in New England in 1620 and the 1850s, local Indians have been compelled to maneuver west of the Mississippi River. within the strategy they surrendered, generally reluctantly, their claims to 412,000 sq. miles of land east of the Mississippi River and north of the Ohio River and the Mason-Dixon Line.

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Alton Wiley, DeWitt Reddick, Robert Montgomery, and several others, all of whom were authors who had some interest or information about my quarry, Jesse Chisholm. Reflecting on the boundless help and opportunities afforded me, I should have been overwhelmed. In truth, I was. I found myself awed by the job I was being encouraged to undertake. I was afraid I would not meet the expectations of these prominent men, and so I did nothing. At the end of World War II, I resumed my studies at the university.

He traveled "where the itch was," crossing the Tennessee River for Nashville, and met up with Chief John Jolly and his party of 300 followers. " Jesse fell in with Jolly's entourage. It was convenient and the Indians had good food. He quickly realized the Indians were off the beaten path lost, in fact and he was needed as guide by Chief Jolly. Jesse was the only one who had scouted the route the Indians were trying to find. No one had made the trip before, save Chisholm. Suddenly, he was furnishing directions, leading the party.

Experienced observers saw few signs that Indians at Medicine Lodge would submit. They were flaunting their guns and horses, displaying their power. The Indians had acquired many guns during the Civil War from both the North and South. 13 Each side had hoped to win the Indians' support. Jesse had warned Northern and Southern agents against arming Indians. He predicted these same guns would be turned on the donors. Page 8 The exhausting horsemanship performance had served its purpose and proved to be just that a ceremony, an exercise.

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