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By Alonso De Benavides, Baker H. Morrow

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Approximately 400 years outdated, this particular vintage of Southwestern American historical past is now to be had in a contemporary translation to a large studying public. Fray Alonso de Benavides, a Portuguese Franciscan and 3rd head of the challenge church buildings of latest Mexico, released this hugely attractive booklet in 1630 as his reputable report back to the king of Spain. In 1625, Father Benavides and his social gathering travelled north from Mexico urban through creaking oxcart and mule again to arrive the venture fields of recent Mexico.A prepared observer, Benavides defined New Mexico as a wierd land of frozen rivers, Indian citadels, and elusive mines choked with silver and garnets. Benavides and his Franciscan brothers equipped colleges, erected church buildings, engineered peace treaties, gazed in awe at unending miles of buffalo grazing placidly at the nice Plains, and have been acknowledged to accomplish miracles. the main thorough and riveting account ever written of Southwestern existence within the early seventeen century, "A Harvest of Reluctant Souls" is straight away medieval and a story of the Renaissance - a portrait of the Pueblos, the Apaches, and the Navajos at a time of basic switch of their lives.

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I also gathered together many other locals, and they and the original inhabitants today make up one of the best towns that Your Majesty has in that kingdom. Each of the three friaries has in its charge other neighboring pueblos, which the padres tend to with great care and spirit. To keep from being tedious, I will not refer here to the many risks, great cold, calamities, and hard labornot to mention additional particular occurrencesthat I have endured. I leave all this to God, for whom it was undertaken.

There are three friaries with their very costly churches, each distinct, and next to each of these, of course, is its town. These Indians are quite clever at reading, writing, and playing all musical instrumentsgood hands at all trades. This comes from the tremendous industry of the priest who converted them. It is also a very fertile land, full of the bounty of everything that is planted in it. Page 14 Petroglyph near San Felipe Pueblo of the mythic Pueblo figure Kokopelli encouraging young corn to grow.

This is an incredibly cold land and not very fertile, although with a great deal of seeding they do produce the corn their people need. These Indians are very well taught in all the trades, and they have schools of reading, writing, singing, and the playing of musical instruments, as in the other pueblos. Page 23 Mission church at Pecos. Page 24 Priest's garden at Pecos. Page 25 Pecos town wall and ridge. Page 26 11 The Villa of Santa Fé Turning from the preceding pueblo to the west seven leagues, there is the Villa of Santa Fé, the capital of this kingdom, where the governor and about two hundred and fifty Spaniards reside.

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