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By Edward Semple Le Comte

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Alternate motion of the tides. Holmer. the (b) course reciprocal UC 2, 30 courtly: see stable. saw their shame that sought Vain covertures; (a) lit. garments, coverings. (b) fig. dissimulations, excuses. Fowler. covertures x 337 Hence with denial vain, and coy excuse; coy Lye, 18 (a) shyly reserved or retiring. (b) reluctant, disdainful. (c) suggestion of feminine denial on the part of the Muse. VC. but to create Is greater than created to destroy. (a) to destroy what is created. Masson. (b) having been created, as Satan was, to go about destroying.

Tillyard. collect PR 4, 524 Where by all best conjectures I collect Thou art to be my fatal enemy. (a) infer (that). (b) gather (with "conjectures" as object). Collected stood within our thoughts collected vi 581 (a) together, in a group. (b) with composure of mind. Hanford. These false pretexts and varnished colors failing, (a) "pretexts", excuses. colors SA, 901 30 combustion (b) cosmetics. The combination is quoted by Verity in Animadversions: "painting his lewd and deceitful principles with a smooth and glossy varnish".

Evans (Broadbent). author unsuspect ix 771 viii 138 If earth ... her part averse From the sun's beam meet night, (a) turned away from. (b) not welcoming. averse aware vi 54 7 So warned he them, aware themselves, (a) wary, vigilant. (b) play on "warned", both from Old English waer, wary. Elledge. awful Nat, 59 And kings sat still with awful eye, (a) awe-inspiring. (b) stricken with awe. MacCaffrey. ADDENDA absolute viii 547 yet when I approach Her loveliness, so absolute she seems And in herself complete, (a) perfect.

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