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By Adriaen van der Donck

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This variation of an outline of latest Netherland presents the 1st entire and exact English-language translation of a necessary first-hand account of the lives and global of Dutch colonists and northeastern local groups within the 17th century. Adriaen van der Donck, a graduate of Leiden collage within the 1640s, grew to become the legislation enforcement officer for the Dutch patroonship of Rensselaerswijck, situated alongside the higher Hudson River. His place enabled him to engage largely with Dutch colonists and the neighborhood Algonquians and Iroquoians. An astute observer, designated recorder, and available author, Van der Donck used to be preferably located to jot down approximately his reports and the normal and cultural worlds round him.Van der Donck’s Beschryvinge van Nieuw-Nederlant  used to be first released in 1655 after which extended in 1656. An misguided and abbreviated English translation seemed in 1841 and used to be reprinted in 1968. This new quantity positive aspects a correct, polished translation by means of Diederik Willem Goedhuys and comprises the entire fabric from the unique 1655 and 1656 variants. the result's an fundamental first-hand account with enduring worth to historians, ethnohistorians, and anthropologists. (20090130)

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24 Beeches come in several varieties, but they bear few nuts. One variety, the water beech, grows to a very great size, taller and heavier than any tree normally grows in this country. Its bark is attractive when looked at from below, particularly on the older trees. Not only has the wood by then become markedly white, but the bark takes on the appearance of white satin. The tree keeps its leaves longer than any other tree in the woods; the leaves are very big and thick and from beneath outward colored ash gray, making it that much more pleasant and decorative for planting near homes.

Heaths or similar arid and barren lands are not found there at all. The entire country has a generally undulating surface with high hills in some places and, occasionally, big and prominent mountains, as in the so-called highlands in particular. 20 As everywhere else in the country, most hills are not steep but rise gently so that one sometimes finds oneself on very high ground overlooking plains, valleys, and tall trees before one is aware of having ascended. Such land affords fine views for the enjoyment of painters and hunters, for it has many pleasing prospects, shadows, hills, watercourses, and valleys, and, for the hunter in particular, deer and other wildlife feeding on the hillsides or in the valleys.

Also, many tracts of land were purchased from the natives and other evidence of possession given from time to time, as is shown at length in the above-mentioned Remonstrance of the community of New Netherland, to which we refer the interested reader. Therefore it is very odd, improper, and unreasonable for any other nation to presume to have any title to or jurisdiction in this place or others included with it, since it has been from the first a Dutch possession. The Limits of New Netherland and How Far They Extend New Netherland is bounded by the ocean separating Europe from America, by New England, the river of Canada [St.

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