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Salmonids have frequent fiscal and environmental value. right identity and realizing in their illnesses are hence very important if helpful shares are to be maintained. This quantity offers a realistic consultant and an reduction to disorder acceptance. this can be an up-to-date and prolonged model of the 1st book in 1996 and includes round four hundred top of the range color photomicrographs.

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42 Retina of coho salmon showing the various layers. (a) Vitreous body. (b) Ganglion cell axons. (c) Inner plexiform and ganglion cell layer. (d) Inner nuclear layer. (e) Outer plexiform layer. (f) Nuclei of rods and cones cells. (g). Rods and cones. (h) Pigmented epithelium. (i) Scleral cartilage from of the choroidal vessels initially passes through the pseudobranch. The correlation between the oxygen pressure and development of the rete suggest that the choroid rete mirabile plays a role in establishing the high oxygen pressure of the retina.

Their number typically increases with age and with disease conditions. The kidney also contains endocrine elements such as chromaffine cells located in the wall of the posterior cardinal vein that release adrenaline and noradrenaline into the circulation, and interrenal tissue which in most teleosts is located around major veins (Fig. 49). Ventral to the oesophagus in the septum transversum separating the heart from the abdominal cavity is the small endocrine ultimobranchial gland, derived from the pharynx.

G. for parasitological analysis, however inappropriate, if aseptic microbiological samples are required. All the organs can be sampled for histology without removing them from the body cavity. The salmon liver may vary in colour depending of the type of diet (farm and wild fish), as well as the health status of the fish. g. the tip of a lobule) and should be collected using a sharp scalpel rather than scissors. Avoid tearing liver tissue or accidentally puncturing the gall bladder, as rough handling can release bile which results in degenerative changes and artefacts (see Fig.

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A Colour Atlas of Salmonid Diseases by David W. Bruno, Visit Amazon's Patricia A. Noguera Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Patricia A. Noguera, , Trygve T. Poppe

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