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First released in 1881 and reprinted in several versions on account that, Helen Hunt Jackson’s A Century of Dishonor is a vintage account of the U.S. government’s unsuitable Indian coverage and the unfair and harsh therapy afforded North American Indians through expansionist americans. Jackson wrote the publication as a polemic to "appeal to the hearts and sense of right and wrong of the yank people," who she was hoping might call for legislative reform from Congress and redeem the country’s identify from the stain of a "century of dishonor." Her efforts, which represent a landmark in Indian reform, helped commence the lengthy technique of public understanding for Indian rights that maintains to the current day.Beginning with a criminal short at the unique Indian correct of occupancy, A Century of Dishonor maintains with Jackson’s research of ways irresponsibility, dishonesty, and perfidy at the a part of americans and the U.S. govt devastated the Delaware, Cheyenne, Nez Perce, Sioux, Ponca, Winnebago, and Cherokee Indians. Jackson describes the government’s remedy of the Indians as "a shameful checklist of damaged treaties and unfulfilled supplies" exacerbated via "a sickening checklist of homicide, outrage, theft, and wrongs" dedicated via frontier settlers, with purely an occasional Indian retaliation. Such extraordinary occasions because the flight of leader Joseph of the Nez Perces and the Cherokee path of Tears illustrate Jackson’s arguments.Valerie Sherer Mathes’s foreword strains Jackson’s lifestyles and writings and locations her within the context of reform advocacy in the course of 19th century expansionism. This unabridged paperback version includes an index, and the full appendix, together with Jackson’s correspondence in regards to the Sand Creek bloodbath and her document as designated Comminnioner to enquire the desires of California’s venture Indians.

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The story had been too interesting; critics were more impressed by its literary excellence than by its message. But despite these shortcomings, Jackson still had faith in both Ramona and A Century of Dishonor to effect change. <><><><><><><><><><><><> At four o'clock in the afternoon of August 12, 1885, Helen Hunt Jackson died. She had been plagued by ill health during her final year. A fall down the stairs in her home resulted in a broken left leg, Page xvii and because of the inactivity, her weight increased to an uncomfortable 170 pounds.

Page xix Preface. " I cannot refuse the request of one whose woman's heart has pleaded so eloquently for the poor Red men. The materials for her book have been taken from official documents. The sad revelation of broken faith, of violated treaties, and of inhuman deeds of violence will bring a flush of shame to the cheeks of those who love their country. They will wonder how our rulers have dared to so trifle with justice, and provoke the anger of God. Many of the stories will be new to the reader.

The army are not responsible for Indian wars; they are "men under authority," who go where they are sent. The men who represent the honor of the nation have a tradition that lying is a disgrace, and that theft forfeits character. " The Indian Bureau is often unable to fulfil the treaties, because Congress has failed to make the appropriations. If its agents are not men of the highest character, it is largely due to the fact that we send a man to execute this difficult trust at a remote agency, and expect him to support himself and family on $1500 a year.

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