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By Osho, Swami Krishna Prabhu

ISBN-10: 8172611013

ISBN-13: 9788172611019

Released in India.

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Where do you end and I begin? Where is the point where we can draw a line between you and me? Where? There cannot be any demarcation. The air goes on flowing in you. You breathe: if even for a moment the air is not flowing in you, if the breath is not coming, you will be dead. And the air in me just a moment before has left me and entered you. It was my life just a moment before, now it is your life; and your breath has returned to me. It was your life, now it is my life. Where are we divided? Life goes on flowing; life is something in between you and me.

He was such a silent pool of being. Nothing was incomplete, everything, every moment was complete and perfect. There was no dream, there were no traces left; his mind was a clean mirror. The stream of consciousness was never muddled, it was crystal clear. Ananda became puzzled because Buddha always slept in the same posture. He would remain the whole night in the same posture; he would not change, he would remain in the same posture. That posture has become very famous -- it is called the lying posture.

All that was invisible before has not become visible. God is not invisible. You don't have the right eyes, that's all; You are not a tuned being for which the subtle opens its doors. " For you, "that" means the far away -- not for me. " This world is God. The visible hides the invisible. That's why my sannyas is not a renunciation. My sannyas is not against anything; it is for the totality, for the whole. Be rooted in the earth so that you can stretch to the sky; be rooted in the visible so that you can reach into the invisible.

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