Who is Daryl Francis?

Nobody special. Just an ordinary citizen who is mad as hell, and can no longer stand by and watch what is being done to our country without some attempt at protest. I am a freelance writer with a background in television and advertising, who is seeking a non-fictional identity – at last. I’m a little uncomfortable emerging from the shadows by starting a public blog, but I feel the time for hiding is over for all of us.

I’m especially concerned about the GOP’s compulsion to destroy the good work done by the Obama administration. I come from a Republican background, so I’m well aware of how their analism can squeeze the life out of Life.

I’ve always felt that the Republican mindset is that of a stern, ungiving father, while Democrats seem to be more like the nourishing mother. I’m aware that this is an over-simplification, but I think there Is some truth in it. It’s as if many Republicans are stuck back at the John Wayne frontier. And we can’t let them drag us back into that wilderness.

What else? I am a veteran and a lapsed Christian who supports all religions, as well as no religion. I believe in people, especially the American people. I am proud to be one of them.